AW_2017/18 Beyond Controversy collection: The imagery of 1950s abstract expressionism investigates and focuses on emotions, meditation and momentary subconscious imagination. Mark Rothko, Mark Tobey, Barnett Newman, but even more so the life-work of Franz Kline, famous for the composed alignment os Asian calligraphy, had a substantial impact on the designer. Kline created a more clinical geometric trend derived from the art of emotions and gestures. The feature of geometry is the alignment of horizontal and vertical lines sometimes evenly, sometimes haphazardly. client:Konsanszky Ltd. creative &draws›Dora Konsanszky source: Pinterest & Balint Barna

AW_2016/17 DEEPSEa

creative &draws›Dora Konsanszky source: Pinterest and Balint Barna


SS_2016_Absentee collection: The main source of inspiration was the extraordinarily fine sound of the music of Szjerdene. This time, it combines the freedom of the twenties jazz era with the feminine silhouettes embroidered in the 80s sportswear, while further enhancing the styling of Dora’s brand. Pieces of black, off-white and iridescent emerald green are multifunctional. client: Rgpd Design Ltd. creative &draws›Dora Konsanszky & Balint Barna

SS_2015_A Bit Inside Out collection: The main of my inspiration of the SS_2015 collection is a personal encounter and long conversation with artist Tamas Konok. His openness to the world, his knowledge and his sense of humor are captivating. His internal system has such mathematical purity which is so reflected by his math and structured system become timeless. This has caught my attention. I designed the collection under the influence of these moments. The ideal women I imagined: contemporary strong personality ageless beauty in the classical sense. Positive women, who carries pure beauty and reflects it with her outfit. client: Rgpd Design Ltd. creative. Dora Konsanszky source: Pinterest & Balint Barna

AW_2014/15_ Veruschka collection: One of my inspirations for the upcoming winter season was jazz. I like the specifics of this genre: the looseness, the improvisation and the pursuit of self-expression. These are all characteristics of the music of Christian Scott, whose album ‘Yesterday You Said Tomorrow’ features an instrumental jazz cover of the song ‘Eraser’ by Thom Yorke, which I was listening a lot lately.
In addition Veruschka von Lehndorff inspired me, who became a famous model in the ’60s in New York. Veruschka was one of the first androgynous models, an absolute individualistic woman, who can not be pigeonholed. This collection combines the refinement of grunge and street style. The main colors are dove gray, powder color, beige, black, white and iridescent color mix. I used unique natural and elastic fabrics, such as wool, cotton, silk, elastic leather and fur.
client: Rgpd Design Ltd. creative& draws ›Dora Konsanszky Photo: Balint Barna